Land Promotion

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Working Together




There is a natural synergy in the way we think about value and the Council’s obligation to achieve best outcomes in the context of the Local Plan and Circular 06/03: Local Government Act 1972 General Disposal Consent (England) 2003 relating to the disposal of land

We want to work with the public sector to:

  • Achieve greater land values compared to BAU approach
  • Access to our industry leading Valuation Model , enabling robust & transparent assessments of value added
  • Deliver innovations, force the agenda and get things done without the cost of your people, time and money
  • Meet the Council’s legal and compliance obligations through a process which is cost effective, risk managed & quality assured


  • Deliver a better mix that responds to particular demographic demands of place than BAU
  • Provide opportunities to a wider range of housing providers essential to support smaller business and create jobs
  • Create developments that lead on issues of climate, biodiversity & design quality
  • Lead the housing recovery utilising available public land to the maximum benefit the people, our economy and the planet

Land Solve 2.0

The Land Solve 2.0 Framework has been developed to provide quick and easy access to a range of high quality Land Brokerage and Advisory services. Keyland is the only Land Broker on this OJEU compliant Framework

  • All cost and risk borne by Keyland
  • Standar d success fee % only payable on completion
  • Transparency rate card and open book for incurred costs
  • Flexibility – early exit / discontinuance discounted
  • Objective setting and performance commitments
  • Council remains in full control of decision making process

Accessing the framework

Get in touch

Contact EN:Procure to arrange a meeting with a member of the Management Team to
discuss your requirements and potential for procuring them through the Framework

Set out requirements

Set out the aspects of your project, such as type of work, timescales, budgets and confirm that you are seeking to access Land Brokerage services

Agree Call Off mechanism

EN: Procure will explain the Call Off process. As the only Land Broker, Keyland can be appointed by Direct Selection

Agreeing Fee

EN:Procure will work with you to Direct Select and agree the fees

Prepare the contract

EN:Procure will prepare the contract for execution by you and Keyland. A Framework access fee will be applicable upon appointment of Keyland. Keyland will cover this fee

Initial meeting

Keyland will meet with you and the project team to ensure a full understanding of processes and responsibilities for delivering the services specified

Service phase

EN:Procure will continue to provide ad hoc advice and support to you and Keyland throughout


EN:Procure will undertake a scheme review alongside Keyland to ensure that objectives have been met and, where appropriate, learnings taken for future projects