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18 May


May  9 2023 – Keyland Developments Ltd, the property trading arm of Kelda Group and sister-company to Yorkshire Water, aims to create 5,680 jobs  and unlock up to £225m gross value added across the Leeds City Region through the development of five sites which will align and support Leeds City Council and its ‘Leeds Local Plan 2040.’

At the heart of the Leeds Local Plan 2040 sits meeting the needs of residents, communities and businesses through health and wellbeing, inclusive growth and environmental impact. The proposal submitted by Keyland for the development of these five sites will strive to deliver significant benefits to support these priorities from Leeds City Council.

The identified sites for development are Dunningley Lane in Tingley, Astley Lane in Swillington, Moor Road in Bramhope, Shadwell Grange in Roundhay and Hough Side Road in Pudsey.

Across the 97.3 acres that these development opportunities encompass, Keyland will look to deliver not only over 5,000 new jobs but also 560 new homes for approximately 1,288 new residents and over 1.1 million sq ft of commercial employment space whilst unlocking up to £225m gross value added.

The proposals for the five sites have been supported with figures facilitated by Keyland’s ground-breaking Valuation Tool which calculates the value each site adds across six different capitals. Keyland’s innovative approach to sustainable development aims to deliver more long term value using the tool’s six capitals. These capitals are:

  • Natural Value – growing a naturally better environment through enhancing biodiversity, green infrastructure and monitoring energy and water consumption and transport emissions
  • Social Value – creating communities that being people together by good job opportunities and improving social connectivity as well as ensuring accessible and universally designed buildings with safe and secure neighbourhoods
  • Human Value – generating wellbeing through the creation of construction employment as well as local employment and increasing the opportunities available for recreation and physical activity
  • Intellectual Value – enabling everyone to thrive by providing strategies to enhance skills through apprenticeships and employment innovation
  • Manufactured Value – shaping places and buildings by creating high quality buildings as well as conserving and enhancing local heritage and increasing resilience through reducing flood risk
  • Financial Value – giving back to society and communities through investment and the local economy


The valuation tool indicates that Keyland could create an additional value of £606m, over the life cycle of these five developments, when compared to business as usual approaches. Keyland estimates that each capital will provide additional value of Natural £72m, Social £55m, Human £74m, Intellectual £10m, Manufactured £53m and Financial £342m.

“The purpose of our Six Capitals Valuation Tool is to deliver added value through creating exceptional developments. Traditional measures of value only take into account a proportion of the total impact of a development. Sustainable development is at the heart of everything we do, so we take time to thoughtfully understand, measure and manage the impact of our developments and how they can bring the most benefits and value to the region. The delivery of these five developments will significantly support Leeds City Council’s vision and strategic objectives for the region’s future.”

Luke Axe, Land & Planning Director at Keyland Developments Ltd

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