Broomfield Farm

Keyland’s Broomfield Farm project includes 23 acres of agricultural land on the southern boundary of Whitby. The Greenfield site is located next to Yorkshire Water’s operational sewage treatment works and forms part of a housing allocation in the Scarborough Local Plan.

Keyland submitted a hybrid planning application in February 2020.

Scarborough Council’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and Keyland’s own evidence demonstrates that there is a significant need and demand for different forms of housing within Whitby and the Borough, which is currently not being met by the housing market. Therefore, the application site has been split into four distinct development sections catering for different housing providers including; self and custom build, community land trust / co-housing, later living housing and small/medium sized housebuilders and volume housing builders. The aim of this approach is to open the site to a range of housing providers to allow the delivery of different types, forms and tenures of housing to meet the diverse housing needs within Whitby and the wider Borough, whilst also speeding up delivery rates.