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2 Jul

Grand Designs on your dream home? – More than just bricks or mortar

The words “dream home” conjure up different ideas in people’s minds, whether attainable or not, but some self-builders take a big leap of faith to create unique, one-off homes to realise their Grand Designs vision.

As the development arm of Yorkshire Water, Keyland works on some unique and diverse projects, offering the opportunity for budding housebuilders to breathe new life into redundant Yorkshire Water buildings/structures from Victorian water towers and pumping stations to underground reservoirs.

Our team helps to navigate the complex and often challenging processes of gaining planning permission to convert a structure into an original residential home. Whilst often a lengthy process, it is entirely worthwhile to facilitate these once-important buildings being brought back into use.   Embarking on a project which repurposes these buildings is no easy task.  Each one is distinctive in both design and location and many are local authority-built as part of the water network during the Victorian era to serve a local purpose.

To create someone’s bold dream needs an infusion of vision, imagination and innovation in tandem with the need to respect the construction and integrity of these buildings, as well as utilising the expertise of architects to make best use of the developable area. Each project delivers its own constraints and opportunities and it takes dedication and commitment to overcome these and bring a vision to life.

A fantastic example of a successful project we’ve been involved with, which was featured on George Clarke’s Restoration Man, was the conversion of a 46ft Victorian water tower in Pannal, Harrogate by a couple looking to build a bespoke, dream family home.   Whilst the purchasers had some serious challenges to overcome, the home they created was of exceptional quality and a complete one-off that won’t be found anywhere else.

Another great example which featured on Grand Designs last year was the incredible transformation of a 2.5 million litre, 50 year old underground reservoir on the Humber estuary into a 10-bed family home by a Hull couple.

We have just launched our latest opportunity to market, an underground reservoir in Bardsey, Leeds with the chance to buy the acre of land which has full planning permission to convert into a home.  Given the nature of its tranquil location with views over the North Leeds skyline, the prospect to purchase the site is not to be missed if you like the idea of a Grand Designs-style property.  The site is for sale via Lyndsay Burns at Harvey Burns & Co (lburns@harveyburns.co.uk 07739 515150.)

Keyland has sold some of the most unusual projects that have come to market and it’s rewarding to help people with vision to realise their dreams by injecting new life into unlocked, redundant sites.